VerseBay HPK518

VerseBay HPK518

VerseBay HPK518

  • VerseBay HPK518


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Product family information

Reliable, effective lighting in the industrial workplace is a crucial factor influencingproductivity, safety and staff well-being. The VerseBay high-bay luminaire clearly embodiessuch lighting requirements. Its solid, quality construction and reliable performance excelseven in the toughest working environments. Its specially designed beam regulator allowslight distribution to be optimally set for a broad range of work areas using just a singlereflector.VerseBay also embodies extraordinary features that dramatically eases installation and maintenance.An external waterproof connector makes installation faster than ever while its tool-less lamp replacement is quick and hassle-free. So whatever your high-bay lighting requirements – industrial areas, logistics centers or public spaces – VerseBay offers a host of innovative features that can add new dimensions to versatility and ease of installation.


Ideal for industrial applications with extreme conditions such as high temperatures, dusty andeven humid environments
Owing to its high-quality materials, functional design and the modular construction, VerseBay is also particularly suitable for many large spaces with high ceilings
An integrated beam regulator allows you to adjust beam spread to accommodate two different light beams with only one reflector
Tool-less installation and wiring
Easy to maintain
Made of top quality materials


General industries
Heavy industries
Logistic centers
Power plants
Steel plants
Public spaces
Food processing industries

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