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Maxos TL-D, trapeze reflectors and optics

Maxos TL-D, trapeze reflectors and optics

Product family information

The sturdy trapeze reflectors for TL-D are designed primarily for applications in industry, supermarkets and shops. They are made of steel with a white or silver finish. The reflectors are optimized for electrical units holding 1 or 2 TL-D lamps and provide an excellent light output ratio. There are basic trapeze reflectors without an additional mirror inlay and trapeze reflectors with dedicated aluminum mirror inlays. These are designed for wide-beam, narrow-beam and asymmetrical wall-washing light distributions. Moreover, perforated and slotted trapeze reflectors (without mirror inlays) can be ordered for design reasons or to create an indirect uplighting effect. For glare reduction, the trapeze reflector can be equipped with a steel louver (L-T) that has a white or silver finish. If emergency lighting by means of separately connected orientation light units (E27-sockets) is required, special trapeze reflectors with a bigger cut-off must be used. The length of this reflector corresponds to that of the 58 W trunking length. A 36 W electrical unit plus the orientation light unit will fill this length. The reflectors are fixed to the electrical units via a simple click-in. The reflectors can be connected to each other in a line by means of an integrated connection at one end of the reflector. End plates for the beginning and end of the light line are available as accessories.


Aluminum reflectors optimized for applications in supermarkets, shops, distribution centers and industry
Choice of semi-high-gloss aluminum reflectors for wide, medium, narrow and (double-) asymmetrical beam distributions, and high-gloss aluminum reflector for very narrow beams
Simple click-fixing to the electrical unit; reflectors can be connected in lines by overlap
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