4MX692 TL5 aluminum reflectors 4MX693 TL5 aluminum reflector optics

Maxos TL5, aluminum reflectors and optics

Maxos TL5, aluminum reflectors and optics

Maxos TL5, aluminum reflectors and optics

  • 4MX692 TL5 aluminum reflectors 4MX693 TL5 aluminum reflector optics

    • Stylish, multifunctional performance designed on the basis of in-depth knowledge of end-user needs in retail and industrial environments
    • Durable quality and electrical flexibility with a wide range of reflectors and accessories for well designed, cost-effective lighting solutions with minimum energy consumption
    • Designed for fast installation, with the possibility of integrating projectors and flexibility in positioning making it the ideal system for use by retailers


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Product family information

The aluminum reflectors for TL5 are optimised for applications in supermarkets, shops and industry. They are made of high-quality aluminum and are available for electrical units holding 1 or 2 TL5 lamps. A semi-high-gloss (D) aluminum reflector is available for wide-beam, medium-beam, narrow-beam, asymmetrical-beam and double-asymmetrical-beam light distributions. For very narrow beams a high-gloss (C) aluminum reflector is available. All the TL5 aluminum reflectors can be equipped with aluminum louvers with profiled lamellae (M2) or with a simple white steel louver (L) for glare reduction. The reflector is fixed to the electrical unit via a simple click. The reflectors can be connected to each other in a line by a material overlap; optional additional coupling pieces (9MX056 CP/TL5) are available. Decorative end plates for the beginning and end of the line are available as accessories.

Product family details
  • 4MX692 (TL5 reflector)
  • 4MX693 (TL5 louver/optic)
Suitable electrical unit
  • For 1 and 2 TL5 35, 49, 54 and 80 W versions
Material and light distribution
  • Reflector:
  • Semi-high gloss aluminum (D), narrow beam (-NB)
  • Semi-high gloss aluminum (D), medium beam (-MB)
  • Semi-high gloss aluminum (D), wide beam (-WB)
  • Semi-high gloss aluminum (D), asymmetric beam (-A)
  • Semi-high gloss aluminum (D), double asymmetric beam (-DA)
  • High gloss aluminum (C), very narrow beam (-NB)
  • Louver:
  • Aluminum with profiled lamelae (M2)
  • Steel, white coated (L-D WH)
  • Aluminum reflector end caps (9MX056 EP/TL5 SI / WH)*, coupling pieces (9MX056 CP/TL5) *not for C-NB reflector
  • Optics and louvers are suitable for 1- and 2 lamp versions
Main applications
  • Retail (e.g. food, fashion)

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