TTX400 Linesense

TTX400 Linesense

TTX400 Linesense

  • TTX400 Linesense


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Product family information

TTX400 with Lighting ControlsApplying Lighting Controls in industry contributes to efficient and effective lighting solutions. For TTX400 applications, Philips Lighting offers various standard trunking system based controls solutions, included in the Linesense range. These solutions offer an intelligent light-line, which remains easy-to-install. With Linesense, TTX400 and lighting controls are combined in one. The speed and ease of installation of TTX400 remains when Linesense is used. In addition, substantial energy savings up to 75 % can be achieved. Linesense has been developed for industrial applications like warehouses. Linesense consists of a 618 mm piece of trunking, which is fully pre-equipped and wired to be added to the trunking. The control function is integrated into this extra unit and can easily be clicked between the light-line and the electrical connection unit. Movement detectors are connected with standard RJ-12 cables and mounted at the right location with the use of dedicated brackets. Linesense is equipped as standard with a telejack splitter to easily connect the detectors to the light-line.


Movement detector
Click-on mounting


Distribution centers
Production facilities

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