StoreFlux – powerful LED accent lighting that blends perfectly in the store architecture

StoreFlux gen3 rim

StoreFlux gen3 rim

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    Product family information

    The StoreFlux gridlight can be equipped with up to four LED modules with a special reflector system to deliver top-quality light that makes your shop and merchandise look great. The combination of multiple LED sources with high lumen packages in one luminaire creates sparkling light effects.StoreFlux offers low maintenance compared with CDM and high efficiency compared to halogen.


    High-quality accent lighting thanks to PerfectAccent reflector’s light signature
    Short payback compared with CDM luminaires due to high system efficacy
    Efficient and low-maintenance thanks to LED technology


    Multiple accent light sources in one luminaire (1, 2, 3 or 4 LED modules)
    High lumen packages: up to 3900 lm per module (up to 3 head version)
    Rim version; rimless variant available; different RAL color combinations possible
    Ease of installation and maintenance (separate installation frame; replaceable LED light engines and reflectors)


    Retail; fashion
    Software Plugins
    Product family details
    • GD601B (rim, 1 head version)
    • GD602B (rim, 2 head version)
    • GD603B (rim, 3 head version)
    • GD604B (rim, 4 head in a row version)
    • GD605B (rim, 4 head in a square version)
    Light source
    • Non-replaceable LED module
    Power (per head)
    • LED11S: 16.5 W
    • LED12S: 12.5 W
    • LED20S: 20 W
    • LED17S: 16 W
    • LED27S: 25 W
    • LED39S: 39 W
    Beam angle
    • LED12S/17S/27S/39S: 29 and 35º,
    • LED11S/20S: 10º
    Luminous flux (at 3000 K)
    • LED11S: 1100 lm
    • LED12S: 1200 lm
    • LED20S: 2000 lm
    • LED17S: 1700 lm
    • LED27S: 2700 lm
    • LED39S: 3900 lm
    Correlated Color Temperature
    • 2700, 3000 or 4000 K and CrispWhite
    Color Rendering Index
    • 80
    • 90 (light color 930)
    • >95 (CRW)
    Median useful life L70B50
    • 70,000 hours
    Median useful life L80B50
    • 50,000 hours
    Median useful life L90B50
    • 25,000 hours
    Driver failure rate
    • 1% per 5000 hours
    Average ambient temperature
    • +25 ºC
    Operating temperature range
    • +10 to +35 ºC
    • Separate
    Mains voltage
    • 230 or 240 V / 50-60 Hz
    • DALI
    • Housing: aluminum, steel
    • Front glass: acrylic
    • White (WH-WH)
    • Housing, heads and rim can have different color combinations (WH-WH, BK-BK, GR-BK, WH-BK)
    Optical cover
    • Acrylic
    • Push-in connector; 3-pole push-in with loop-through (CU3); 5-pole push-in with loop-through (CU5)
    Cable options
    • 0.5 m cable with 3-pole Wieland / Adels plug (CW); 0.5 m cable with 3-pole Wieland / Adels plug & lock (CW-L); 1 m cable with external BST14 DALI connector (C1KBST2)
    • Replaceable light engines and driver
    • Fixation by means of spring fasteners
    • Optical unit tiltable over 30º
    • 360º rotation of the optical unit
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