Magneos Projector – Outstanding lighting tool

Magneos MCS501/502/503 C

Magneos MCS501/502/503 C

Magneos MCS501/502/503 C

  • Magneos Projector – Outstanding lighting tool

    • Dramatic accent lighting effects
    • Energy savings
    • Retailers can configure their own solution


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Product family information

The Magneos family of projectors represents an outstanding lighting tool for shops, packing advanced Philips technology into a compact, contemporary design to deliver dramatic accent lighting effects.Magneos offers a choice of sizes and light sources, as well as a variety of optics, accessories and color finishes – enabling retailers to configure their own solution. As well as a Micro version (with CDM-Tm 20/35 W), the range includes subtle Mini models (with MASTERColour CDM-Tc Elite 35/70 W lamps) for applications with low ceiling heights and Compact versions (with CDM-T Elite up to 150 W) for powerful spotlighting from higher ceilings.All HID versions include energy-saving electronic gear to optimize lamp life and lower energy consumption.


Available in three sizes
Extensive choice of lamps as well as optics, accessories and color finishes
Electronic gear (HID versions)


Exhibition areas
Public areas
Product family details
  • MRS503 (Micro,1-circuit track version)
  • MCS503 (Micro, baseplate version)
  • MRS502 (Mini,1-circuit track version)
  • MCS502 (Mini, baseplate version)
  • MRS501 (Compact,1-circuit track version)
  • MCS501 (Compact, baseplate version)
Light source
  • HID:
  • 1 x MASTERColour CDM-Tm Mini / PGJ5 / 20, 35 W
  • 1 x MASTERColour CDM-TC Elite / G8.5 / 35, 70 W
  • 1 x MASTERColour CDM-T Elite / G12 / 35, 70, 150 W
  • 1 x MASTERColour CDM-R / E27 / 35, 70 W
Lamp included
  • No
Lamp position
  • Vertical
Light distribution
  • Direct (D)
  • Electronic, High Frequency 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz:
  • Electronic (EB)
  • Reflector narrow beam 12º (R-NB12)
  • Reflector medium beam 24º (R-MB24)
  • Reflector medium beam 36º (R-MB36)
Optical cover
  • Glass
  • 3-pole mains
  • Housing: die-cast aluminum
  • Optic: aluminum
  • Optical cover: lass, tempered
  • White (WH), black (BK) and grey (GR)
  • Other (RAL) colors available on request
  • Direct on ceiling; baseplate with connection point (BA)
  • On 1-circuit track (1C)
  • Direct lamp access after removing the front ring
  • Protection glass, sculptural lens, different filters; UV filters
  • All luminaires are delivered with protection glass

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