DayZone – innovative design meets sustainability



  • DayZone – innovative design meets sustainability

    • Inspiring design
    • Sustainable solution
    • Visual comfort


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Product family information

For general office lighting, customers want to capture the benefits LED technology has to offer – sustainability and fresh, high-impact design, without compromising visual comfort. Our DayZone recessed LED luminaire delivers high-quality functional lighting with an energy efficiency that matches or even outperforms traditional fluorescent systems. But what makes DayZone really shine is its impressive visual comfort. Our innovative use of LED technology has created a luminaire that breaks away from fluorescent lighting designs of the past to offer a striking appearance and light effect. Glare control and color consistency are compliant with future office norms. DayZone is available in square versions and, to ensure a better fit in plaster ceiling applications, in a round housing.


Lumen packages for both 500 and 300 lux environments
Dedicated MLO optic design
Special patented light-mixing chamber
Round housing available for plaster ceiling applications


Product family details
  • BBS560 (module size: 600 mm)
  • BBS562 (module size: 625 mm)
  • BBS567 (module size: 675 mm)
  • BBS561 (round housing)
Ceiling type
  • Exposed- and symmetrical concealed T-bar ceiling and plaster (board) ceiling
Ceiling grid
  • Module size in length: 600 x 600 mm
  • Module size in length: 625 x 625 mm
  • Module size in length: 675 x 675 mm
Light source
  • Philips DayZone LED module
Power (steady state in W, +/- 10%)
  • 4000 K: 51 W (LED35S)
  • 3000 K: 55 W (LED35S)
Beam angle
  • 90º
Luminous flux
  • 3500 lm (independent of CCT)
Correlated Color Temperature
  • 3000 or 4000 K
Color Rendering Index
  • 80
Median useful life L70B50
  • 70,000 hours
Median useful life L80B50
  • 50,000 hours
Median useful life L90B50
  • 25,000 hours
Driver failure rate
  • 1% per 5000 hours
Average ambient temperature
  • +25 ºC
Operating temperature
  • +10ºC < T a < +40ºC
  • Built-in
Mains voltage
  • 230 or 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz
  • Compatible with DALI controllers
Controls system input
  • DALI
Optical cover
  • OLC micro-lens optic, partial (AC-MLO-C)
  • OLC micro-lens optic, full (AC-MLO)*
  • OLC micro-lens optic, partial (PC-MLO-C)
  • OLC micro-lens optic, full (PC-MLO)*
  • *not for BBS561
  • Emergency lighting (integrated): 3 hours (EL3)*
  • Lighting controls: Actilume multi-controller (ACL)*
  • Compatible with DALI (only relating to dimmable driver PSD)
  • Euro fuse (FU) included
  • *not for BBS561
  • Housing: zinc-coated steel
  • Rim: post lacquered
  • Optical cover: acrylic (AC-MLO), polycarbonate (PC-MLO)
  • White (WH), silver grey (SI)
  • Standard RAL colors available on request
  • Exposed ceilings: in lay, no brackets needed
  • Concealed ceilings: bracket ZBS460 SMB (1 set = 4 pcs) reach is 25 - 65 mm
  • Concealed ceiling with T-bar 38 mm: bracket ZBS460 SMB-TPM (1 set = 4 pcs)
  • Brackets for plaster ceilings ZBS460 SMB-PLC (1 set = 12/24 pcs)*
  • Through-wiring possible
  • *Suspension brackets are included for BBS561
  • Push-in connector (PI) or with pull relief (PIP)
  • Wieland connector GST 18, 3 or 4 poles (W, W4)
  • Suspension bracket sets: ZBS460 SMB (4PCS), ZBS460 SMB-TPM (4PCS), ZBS460 SMB-PLC (12/24PCS)
  • Protection foil to protect the optic during installation
Main applications
  • Office, retail, hospitality, healthcare

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