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Safety & Comfort Starters

Safety & Comfort Starters

Safety & Comfort Starters

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Range of premium quality electronic starters for igniting fluorescent lamps operating on conventional electromagnetic ballast.


S2E - S10E
  • Instant flicker-free ignition (nom. 2.3 sec)
  • Full thermal safety monitor which cuts off defective or end-of-life lamps
  • Cut-off circuit to protect the starter and overheating of the control gear
  • Premium reliability with 100.000 safe switches
  • Radioactive-free (patented) and lead-free (RoHS-compliant)
  • 2-pin igniter in plastic (flame-retardant polycarbonate) canister
  • Narrowed top & installation notch


Starters are used in conventional electromagnetic fluorescent lamp systems using TL-D (T8), TL (T12), TL mini, PL-S and PL-L lamps.
S2-E starters are suitable for:
S10-E starters are suitable for:

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