The perfect fit

Accessories for InteGrade LED engines

Accessories for InteGrade LED engines

Accessories for InteGrade LED engines

  • The perfect fit

    • Aesthetic integration of InteGrade LED lighting below shelves or other surfaces
    • Easy to install


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Product family information

InteGrade LED accessories enable easy creation of shelf or display lighting based on InteGrade LED engines. With a choice of mounting profiles, mounting clips, power cables, and Xitanium Constant Voltage Outdoor LED power drivers, your shelf or display lighting will always be a perfect fit.


Dedicated InteGrade cabling allows connection to own connector system.
InteGrade profiles can be combined with under-shelf or shelf-arm mounting clips for installation in shelf rack cabinets and displays. The InteGrade profile (F style) can be screwed directly onto a surface
InteGrade connector for electrical connection between two LED engines
Inline lock to fix engine in profile
Dedicated Xitanium LED Outdoor drivers for reliable operation


InteGrade LED engines and accessories are designed and marketed together, as we believe good system design is crucial to effective functioning of the system, and it also facilitates an easy design-in


Shelf and display lighting in supermarkets, refrigerated cabinets, retail environments, libraries, museums

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