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HF-Performer TL5 Circular

HF-Performer TL5 Circular

      Product family information

      Compact, square, lightweight, High Frequency electronic ballasts for TL5 Circular lamps


      50% longer lamp life than with conventional ballasts
      Up to 25% energy saving at constant luminous flux compared with conventional ballasts
      Constant light independent of mains voltage fluctuations


      Programmed start: flicker-free, warm-start circuit
      Protected against excessive mains voltages
      Automatic stop circuit (safety stop) is activated within 5 seconds in case of lamp failure; ballast resets automatically after lamp replacement


      Ideal for commercial indoor lighting applications where it is necessary to reduce the wattage per square meter or operating costs
      Used with movement-detection control systems like Philips OccuPlus
      Mainly for indoor applications such as spotlights, downlights and recessed fixtures used primarily in retail stores, office buildings, supermarkets, hotels and convenience stores
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