• Most efficient white-light system in the industry in its power range
    • Designed to minimize maintenance costs in outdoor lighting thanks to the 80,000-hour lifetime and integrated
    • ightning protection
    • Same energy consumption and smooth driving of the lamp regardless of fluctuations in the mains voltage


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Product family information

Highly reliable electronic drivers for medium-wattage lamps (210-400 W); designed to save energy via integrated one-step dimming and to reduce maintenance costs thanks to 80,000-hour lifetime and integrated lightning protection


Up to 92% system efficiency
Standard 4 kV/2 kV common/differential mode surge protection
Xtreme lifetime 80,000 hours (90% survival Tc = 80 °C)
Optional 5 kA / 10 kV lightning strike protection
95-97% accuracy on power stabilization if mains voltage remains between 180 and 300 V


Designed for optimum system performance with Philips MASTERColour CDM Elite lamps


High-bay shop lighting
Flood and area lighting
Road lighting and petrol stations
Offices and industry

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