Milewide – pure and contemporary



  • Milewide – pure and contemporary

    • Urban luminaire featuring a clean, Nordic design with smooth, generous curves
    • The Milewide range includes dedicated masts and brackets that harmonise perfectly with the luminaires
    • First dedicated product designed around the MASTER CosmoPolis lamps


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Product family information

Milewide is a pure, contemporary street-lighting luminaire designed in collaboration with Knud Holscher (Denmark). A complete solution with dedicated masts and brackets is available to ensure perfect integration in today's cityscape. Blending clean, simple design and high performance, the Milewide family encompasses three sizes: Mini Milewide, Milewide and Mega Milewide. Mini Milewide has been specially designed around CosmoPolis technology, thereby pushing the limits in terms of minimization and performance. This has been taken a further step forward with the incorporation of the latest LED technology. Milewide and Mega Milewide deliver high optical performance thanks to the adjustable road-lighting reflector and have been optimized for different street configurations.


Clean, Nordic design with smooth curves
Available in three sizes
Choice of MASTER CosmoPolis lamps and LED light sources
Adjustable road-lighting reflector
Dedicated masts and brackets


Shopping and residential areas
Area lighting
Car parks
Business centres
City centres and squares

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