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Dark corners

Eiteren Parking,

the Netherlands


Find out how waterproof lighting is making the Eiteren parking garage safer.

 Women smiling in front of the cars at Eiteren parking lit by Philips lighting

“LED lighting is more
energy efficient

than traditional lighting. Especially as the lights dim when it detects that there are no people present. We save 50-60% on energy and maintenance costs, and create an optimum sense of safety through the flexible dimming system.”


-Inge Reindersma, IJsselstein Council

 Man is climbing stairs at Eiteren parking garage illuminated by Philips lighting

Customer challenge


The municipality of IJsselstein loves visitors and residents alike. Seeking to improve its town center, the council decide to upgrade its local facilities. An important part of the project was an attractive lighting plan for the parking garage. But could pleasant, safe lighting be cost-effective too?  


Parking garage and its information desk lit by Philips lighting

The right lighting 


Based underground and consisting of 208 parking spaces, the Eiteren garage needed a lot of light. IJsselstein council already had a solution in mind. The original plan was to create a continuous line of light using fluorescent fixtures. This proved to be impossible as the lighting was too intense, the dimming system very poor, and the operational and usage costs were extortionate.


LED drove the project forward. By installing Pacific LED2 as the main ceiling lights, we could create a continuous light line without the previous problems, meaning that the original design did not need to change. The waterproof lighting fixtures bring pleasant ambience and clear visibility to all corners of the garage. The lights also have excellent dimming options and were easy to install.


The installation was rounded off by the bright, vandal-resistant LED Gondolas on the entrance hall ceiling, which add a welcoming glow to the area. With the new lighting in place, the garage has a safer, more pleasant atmosphere, with no dark spots in any of the corners.


The LED lights are more energy-efficient than traditional ones, producing similar levels of light but using much less electricity. Further savings are enabled by the control system, which automatically dims the lights when there are no people present.  

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