Helios Standard Cinema Xenon lamps

HEH (Helios standard)

HEH (Helios standard)

  • Helios Standard Cinema Xenon lamps

    • Avoid upgrading older equipment
    • Can reduce power consumption and lower cost of ownership
    • No lamp house modifications
    • No lens change required


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Product family information

These drop-in replacement lamps consume the same electrical energy as standard lamps, yet significantly increase the light output on the screen. This means they can be used to upgrade projection performance without actually purchasing a new projector. Alternatively, these lamps allow use of a lower wattage lamp while maintaining the light output on screen, which means they can be used to reduce power consumption and lower the overall cost of ownership of a cinema projector. In addition, since they are ‘drop-in’ replacements, no lamp housing modifications and no lens changes are required. There is a choice of five power ratings in the Helios Standard Cinema Xenon lamps range: 2000W, 2500W, 3000W, 4200W, or 7000W.


Can increase light output on screen at same lamp wattage*
Can allow use of smaller wattage lamp while maintaining light output on screen*
Drop-in replacement for standard lamps
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