Xitanium Constant Voltage Outdoor

LED Power Driver Outd. 100-240V 60W 24V

LED Power Driver Outd. 100-240V 60W 24V

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General Characteristics
Input Frequency
50/60 Hz
Lifetime 90% surv.@Tcaselife
50000 hr
Housing Colour
Operating Characteristics
Efficiency Range
80 %
Power Factor (100% load)
0.9 (min) -
Input Power max
75 W
Output Voltage Range
24.3 V
Output Current Range (mA)
Total Harmonic Distortion IEC
20 (max) %
Input Current max
850 (max) mA
Inrush Current Peak
66.9 (max) A
Inrush Current Width to 50%
176.6 us
Type of Dimming
Input Voltage Range (AC)
100-240 V
Output Voltage Tolerance
-5 (min), 5 (max) %
Wiring Characteristics
Connection on driver to L2
Input Wire Length
300 mm
Input Wire Diameter
0.82 mm2
Output Wire Length
300 mm
Output Wire Diameter
0.82 mm2
Temperature Characteristics
T-case Lifetime
75 C
T-case maximum
85 (max) C
-30 (min), 60 (max) C
-40 (min), 85 (max) C
Product Dimensions
Length A1
241 mm
Width B1
43 mm
Height C1
30 mm
Fixing Hole Diameter D1
4.4 mm
Fixing Hole Distance Width B2
26.6 mm
Fixing Hole Distance Length A2
228.6 mm
Approval&Application Chars
Isolation classification
Class II
ENEC certificate
CE marking
Product Data
Order code
911469 30
Full product code
Full product name
LED Power Driver Outd. 100-240V 60W 24V
Order product name
LED Power Driver Outd. 100-240V 60W 24V
Pieces per pack
Packing configuration
Packs per outerbox
Bar code on pack - EAN1
Bar code on outerbox - EAN3
Logistic code(s) - 12NC
Net weight per piece
0.631 kg
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Installation Diagrams
LED Power Driver Outd. 100-240V 60W 24V
LED Power Driver Outd. 60 & 100W

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