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DecoFlood² DVP628

DecoFlood² DVP628

Product family information

Lighting plays an important role in revealing a town’s historical and cultural identity. It is a challenge for municipal authorities to create a cohesive, harmonious lighting scheme while accentuating each part of the town as well as features ranging from landmarks to architectural details. Decoflood² floodlights are ideal for illuminating a wide variety of structures, with reflectors for accent and tree lighting, façade and area lighting, and architectural street lighting. The revolutionary ZoomFocus allows – for the first time – easy adjustment of the beam angle while the floodlight is operational. Accessories are discreetly integrated to ensure a pleasant daytime appearance.


Always the right light effect; tuneable light beam even after installation
Sustainable and energy-efficient
Flexible solution with accessories to prevent glare, play with colour or create various lighting effects


Integrated ZoomFocus system allows post-installation adjustment of light beam from narrow to medium, or medium to wide (available with Decoflood2 DVP626 and 627)
No glue used in luminaire to enhance recyclability
Energy-efficient electronic gear integrated, maintaining a stable color temperature
Integrated accessories to avoid obtrusive elements


Accent and tree lighting
Façade and area lighting
Architectural street lighting
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Product family details
  • DVP628 (image projector)
Light source
  • HID:
  • 1 x MASTERColour CDM-T / G12 / 35, 70, 150 W
  • 1 x MASTERColour CDM-SA/T / G12 / 150 W
Lamp included
  • Yes, 830 (only for CDM-SA/T), 930 (only for CDM Elite-T), 942
Ballast (integrated)
  • Electronic, High Frequency 220 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Mains voltage
  • 230 or 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz
  • Medium beam, 16º
Cable gland
  • 2 x M20 for through-wiring facilities
  • Safety classes: class I, class II (with some restrictions)
  • Fuse: to avoid the addition of an extra box close to the luminaire, fuses can be integrated in rear cover for some versions
  • Instead of the traditional bracket, on request, a swivel can be mounted on the luminaire, for different installation
  • Fixed focus
  • Possibility for adjusting image sharpness
Materials and finishing
  • Housing, front frame, cannon, rear cover: high-pressure die-cast aluminum
  • Gaskets: silicone rubber
  • Front glass: extra white, tempered, 4 mm thick
  • Screws: stainless steel
  • Housing and rear cover: ultra-dark grey, RAL 10714
  • Front frame: silver grey, approx. RAL 9006
  • Other RAL or AKZO colors available on request
  • Luminaires can be marine-salt protected on request
  • Ceiling, wall or floor mounting
  • Rear access for mains connection, cable entry via M20 cable gland
  • Angle indicator with marking integrated
  • Operating temperature: - 20ºC < T a < 35ºC
  • Projected area in horizontal position: 0,17 m 2
  • Max adjustment from the horizontal: -180 to +180º
  • Max vertical aiming: -90 to +90º
  • Additional:
  • Gobo size: A (diameter 75 mm) and B (diameter 64 mm)
  • Shutters: the image projector is delivered with 2 sets of shutters
  • Lamp access from front by toolless opening front frame
  • Gear access by opening the gear cover with three
  • Allen screws If the luminaire is installed in an accessible area, then the possibility is given to lock the system by screwing the clip on the housing
  • Some filters with various colors are available on request and can be delivered all mounted in the flood
  • Compliant with IEC 598 and EN60598
Main applications
  • Image and logo projection at city centers, piazzas, urban areas, shopping malls
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