Koffer² SGP100

  • Koffer² – economical system

    • Meets the needs of today's road users and operators, with an archetypal modern road lighting luminaire
    • Highly versatile design with rectangular luminaire in two sizes for integration into futuristic concepts or more traditional lighting designs
    • Focus on optimum total cost over lifetime - sound construction and low maintenance costs plus high optical performance and energy-efficiency


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Product family information

Koffer² is an archetypal modern road lighting luminaire which meets the needs of today’s road users and operators. Total cost over lifetime was a key consideration in the development of Koffer². The future-proof luminaire delivers outstanding optical performance, enabling optimum spacing and energy efficiency, and is easy to install and maintain. With its rectangular shape, Koffer² offers an alternative to rounded luminaires. It is available in three sizes – for mounting heights from 3.5 to 12 meters – and with dedicated masts and brackets, making it equally suitable for integration into modern urban environments or more traditional lighting designs. The Koffer² family accommodates CosmoPolis white-light technology and LED-enabled versions. Each Koffer² luminaire is fully recyclable; only the light source and driver have to be recycled separately.


Warm-white Luxeon Rebel LEDs
LifeLED TM module – re-LEDing upgrade possible
Simplified components platform


Residential areas
Pavements and (cycle) paths
Product family details
  • SGP100
Light source
  • HID:
  • 1 x MASTER CosmoWhite CPO-TW / PGZ12 / 60, 90, 140 W
  • 1 x MASTER CityWhite CDO-TT / E27 / 70 W
  • 1 x MASTER CityWhite CDO-TT / E40 / 100, 150, 250 W
  • 1 x CDO-ET / E27 / 70 W
  • 1 x CDO-ET / E40 / 100, 150, 250 W
  • 1 x MASTER SON-T PIA Plus / E27 / 70 W
  • 1 x MASTER SON-T PIA Plus / E40 / 100, 150, 250 W
  • 1 x SON / E27 / 70 W
  • 1 x SON / E40 / 100, 150, 250 W
  • Compact fluorescent:
  • 2 x MASTER PL-L 4 Pin / 2G11 / 18 W
  • Induction lamp system:
  • 1 x MASTER QL system / 55, 85 W
Lamp included
  • Yes (K or light color 827, 830 or 840)
  • No
Mains supply
  • 230 or 240 V
Gear and compensation
  • Electro magnetic (low loss), 230 or 240 V / 50 Hz:
  • Inductive (IN)
  • Electronic, 220 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz:
  • Electronic (EB)
  • Open CT-POT (OR) "Opti-O" easy lamp access for CosmoPolis, CDO and SON lamps
  • Open XT-POT (OX) for SON lamps, gives extra wide spacing when the mast-height/road-width ratio is e.g. 10/7 or higher."Optic-O" concept
  • Reflector, asymmetric left (R-A-L) pedestrian crossing left side asymmetric optic
  • Reflector, asymmetric right (R-A-R) pedestrian crossing right side asymmetric optic
Optical cover
  • Glass bowl (GB) better spacing and better night preservation solution
  • Glass bowl with DynaClean coating (GBD) on adition to GB the self-cleaning technology improve the maintenance factor
  • Glass flat (FG), reduce glare and improve night nuissance
  • Glass flat with DynaClean coating (FGD) acrylic bowl, frosted (ACF) no yellowing
  • Semi-parallel, digital (SND)
  • Series digital ignitor (SUD)
  • Lighting controls: Chronosense (CH)
  • Light regulation:
  • Dimming switch (SW)
  • Dimming switch with reverse function (SWR)
  • Dimming via SDU01S (D4)
  • Dimming via SDU11S (D5)
  • Dimming via Telemanagement Starsense 1-10Vdc (D6)
  • Dimming via external communication 1-10Vdc (D7)
  • Photocell: NEMA socket (P1), Minicell (P3)
  • Filter coil (F) included
  • Fuse (FU) included
  • Knife-connector (KC) included
  • Pre-equipped cables without plug connector:
  • cable lengths of: 6 m (C6K), 10 m (C12K)
Materials and finishing
  • Housing: aluminum
  • Optical covers: acrylic or polycarbonate bowls, UV-stabilized or hardened glass, min IK08
  • Grey (RAL 7035) or white (RAL 9006)
  • Other RAL colors available on request (e.g. 7024)
  • Side-entry mounting: lateral entry Ø 48 / 60 mm
  • Post-top mounting: axial entry Ø 60 / 76 mm
  • Spigot is integrated, continuously variable
  • Recommended mounting height: 6 - 12 m
  • Standard tilt angle post top: 10º
  • Adjustable tilt angle: n/a
  • Adjustable light distribution: 7 positions
  • Max windage area: 0.11 m 2
  • Max SCx values by side: 0.054 m 2
  • Toolless from below. Opening by one main clip
  • Front and back louvers, ZGP100 L-FRONT resp L-BACK
  • Dedicated mast and pole brackets available for different mounting possibilities
Main applications
  • Roads, pedestrian and parking areas
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