GearUnits – for high-power floodlighting

High Power GearUnits

High Power GearUnits

High Power GearUnits

  • GearUnits – for high-power floodlighting

    • Guarantees reliable functioning of total Philips floodlight system
    • Compact in size and ready for easy installation
    • Serviceable – all components are easily replaceable independently


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Product family information

Philips is one of the few companies able to provide total floodlight system solutions comprising all necessary elements – floodlight, lamp source and control gear unit. Our innovative high-power GearUnits are designed to meet our customers’ need for a compact gear solution that is completely ready for installation. The pre-wired high-power control gear units are intended for use in combination with floodlights that are suitable for high-wattage HID lamps and cannot integrate electrical components because of limited space or high temperatures. A gear unit contains all electrical components (ballast, ignitors, capacitors), wiring and terminal blocks needed to ensure initial lamp ignition and proper operation of the lamp in stabilized current. The electromagnetic high-power GearUnits are available in both IP20 (ECB330) and IP65 (ECP330) versions. Within the GearUnits family there is also an electronic ballast version (ECM330) available in IP20, which is suitable for the MVF403 MHN-LA 1000 W and MVF404 MHN-SE HO 2000 W ArenaVision floodlights. The ArenaVision floodlight family is specially designed for TV broadcasts from indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Electronic-ballast GearUnits completely eliminate the flicker effect, thereby guaranteeing perfect images filmed with super-slow-motion cameras.


Sufficiently high power factor
Available in IP20 and IP65 versions
Suitable for 2000, 1000, 600 and 2x400/600 W lamps in Philips floodlights
Flicker-free light with electronic-ballast version for super-slow-motion cameras


IP20 version: indoor, inside cabinets only
IP65 version: for outdoor use
Product family details
  • ECB330 (IP20 version)
  • ECP330 (IP65 version)
Applicable light sources
  • HID:
  • MASTER MHN-LA / X528 / 1000, 2000 W
  • MASTER MHN-FC / Double ended / 1000, 2000 W
  • HPI-T / E40 / 1000, 2000 W
  • SON-T / E40 / 600, 1000 W
  • 2 x SON-T / E40 / 400, 600 W
  • 2 x HPI-TP / E40 / 400 W
Ballast (integrated)
Mains voltage
  • 230 or 240 V / 50 Hz
  • 380-400-415-430 V / 50 Hz
  • 360-380-400-415 V / 50 Hz
  • Note: mains supply voltage fluctuation not more than -8% and +6% from the rated voltage of the ballast
  • Semi-parallel (SP) for limited distance between floodlight (SON-T400, 600, 1000 W versions) and gear unit application or parallel (PA) ignitors supplied on the gear unit.
  • A set of parallel capacitors is used to obtain a power factor of the lamp/ballast circuit up to 0.90
Cable gland
  • Applicable only for ECP330 IP65 versions:
  • 1-lamp versions:
  • 2 x M25 cable glands (one of them blinded) for mains IN/OUT (through-wiring) suitable for mains supply cable Ø 13 to 18 mm (i.e. 3x2.5 to 5x6 mm² rigid or 5x4 mm² soft)
  • 1 x M20 for lamp supply cable Ø 10 to 14 mm
  • 2-lamp versions:
  • 2 x M25 cable glands for individual mains supply per lamp circuit (no through-wiring)
  • 1 x M25 for cable Ø 13 to 18 mm accepting 1 cable of 5x6 mm² rigid or 5x4 mm² soft for individual lamp supply
  • Fuse (FU)
  • Note: fuse option applies as 1-phase protection for 230/240 V versions and 2-phase protection for 360-430 V versions
Materials and finishing
  • Gear tray (IP20 version): pre-galvanized steel
  • Housing (IP65 version): aluminum extrusion and die-casting aluminum endcaps, painted in grey
  • Ready for mains connection, only cabling needs to be installed between gear unit and luminaire
  • Connectors made with screw terminals live, neutral, earth for mains supply
  • Mains and lamp connections are clearly marked and to be used for cable cores up to 16 mm² for mains connections and up to 4 mm² for lamp connections
  • Ambient temperature: min. -30ºC / max. 45ºC indoor, 55ºC outdoor for IP65 version (ECP330)
  • All components are easily replaceable independently (i.e. ballast, ignitor, capacitors), except gearbox version ballast is not possible to replace since it isfixed inside gear unit housing
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