OptiVision LED – a new age in smart area and recreational sports lighting

OptiVision LED

OptiVision LED

  • OptiVision LED – a new age in smart area and recreational sports lighting

    • Excellent control of spill light thanks to highly efficient optical system
    • Advanced Philips system controls and sensors enable additional energy savings (up to 65%) in area lighting applications
    • Minimized maintenance costs thanks to long-lasting LEDs and the luminaire's thermal management system


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Product family information

Philips OptiVision LED floodlighting system – the latest in high-efficiency LED technology – provides a complete lighting solution for the simplest through to the most complex area and recreational sports lighting applications. The specially engineered OptiVision LED luminaires come with a full range of options to meet the highest performance standards, to provide outstanding light quality, and to guarantee safety and visual comfort. They deliver maximum light output while ensuring effective thermal management in order to maximize lifetime and minimize maintenance costs. In area applications, the OptiVision LED system offers new possibilities to reduce energy consumption and increase flexibility (instant start, programmable lighting levels based on actual need) when used in conjunction with Philips’ advanced system controls and sensors. The OptiVision LED luminaires are also compatible with other external control systems via DALI protocol. The range includes versions with three/two LED light modules which function with an external driver box, as well a compact version with two LED light modules and an integral driver unit for easy installation and lower installation costs.


Precisely controlled light distribution – symmetrical and asymmetrical – limits light pollution
Light can be dimmed/controlled according to actual need, significantly reducing energy costs
Pre-programmed basic plug & play control solutions with integrated driver
Fully controllable when combined with the latest lighting control systems to enable maximum energy savings
Compact floodlight version with integral driver unit (BVP500) for ease of installation and lower installation costs


Logistics areas
Parking areas
Industrial areas
Recreational sports pitch lighting
Product family details
  • BVP520 (floodlight luminaire; 3-light module version)
  • BVP510 (floodlight luminaire; 2-light module version)
  • BVP500 (floodlight luminaire; 2-light module with integral driver unit version)
  • EVP521 (external driver box IP20; for floodlight BVP520)
  • EVP511 (external driver box IP20; for floodlight BVP510)
  • EVP522 (external driver box IP66; for floodlight BVP520)
  • EVP512 (external driver box IP66; for floodlight BVP510)
Light source
  • Integral LED-module
  • 374 to 1014 W (BVP500/510)
  • 508 to 1379 W (BVP520)
Beam angle
  • 4 rotational beam angles from 2 x 11º to 2 x 19º
  • 4 asymmetrical beam angles from narrow to extra narrow
Luminous flux
  • 41,000 to 93,000 lm (BVP500/510)
  • 56,000 to 128,000 lm (BVP520)
Luminaire efficacy
  • Up to 128 lm/W
Correlated Color Temperature
  • 5700 K (+/-400 K)
  • 4000 K (+/-400 K)
Color Rendering Index
  • 70
Maintenance of lumen output - L80B10
  • 40,000 hours (GreenLine); 20,000 and 10,000 hours (EconomyLine) at released outdoor/indoor ambient temperatures
Driver failure rate
  • 0.15% per 5000 hours
Operating temperature range
  • Luminaire:
  • Outdoor: -30 to +45 ºC
  • Indoor (ceiling): to +45 ºC
  • Driver box IP20:
  • -30 to +45 ºC
  • Driver box IP66:
  • Outdoor: -30 to +45 ºC
  • Indoor: to +35 ºC
  • Separate (BVP520/510)
  • Integrated (BVP500)
Mains voltage
  • 110-277 V / 50-60 Hz
  • 347-480 V / 50-60 Hz
Inrush current
  • 30 A/kW at 200 µs
Controls system input
  • DALI
  • Integral DynaDimmer
  • Asymmetrical (narrow, medium or wide beam)
  • Symmetrical (rotational)
Optical cover
  • Polycarbonate cover
  • Housing and mounting bracket: molded aluminum
  • Heat sink: aluminum
  • Electrical connection box: molded plastic
  • Optic lens and cover: UV protected polycarbonate
  • Driver box IP20: sheet aluminum
  • Driver box IP66: molded aluminum
  • Housing and mounting bracket: raw aluminum
  • Heat sink: black
  • End caps: grey
  • Electrical connection box: grey
  • Driver box IP20: raw aluminum
  • Driver box IP66: light grey
  • Push-in connector with 3 poles
  • No internal cleaning required
Installation (luminaire)
  • On roof or mast head frame or indoor catwalk
  • U-shaped mounting bracket, fixation with standard bolts and nuts
  • Standing-up or hanging-down mounting
  • Electrical connection box can be mounted either side of the mounting bracket of luminaire
  • Max adjustment from the horizontal: -180 to +180º
  • Max vertical aiming: -90 to +90º (not for uplighting)
  • Luminaire windage area (SCx) at 15º tilt: 0.23 m² (BVP520)
  • Luminaire windage area (SCx) at 40º tilt: 0.32 m² (BVP520)
Installation (driver box)
  • IP20: indoor use, installed inside electrical cabinet (not suitable for inside mast)
  • IP66: outdoor use
  • Nominal 7% and maximum 9% of watt losses can be taking into account to control the temperature where the IP20 driver box to be installed
  • Distance to luminaire: max 200 m
  • Fixation by means of 4 standard bolts and nuts through holes
Cable gland
  • M20 for electrical connection box of luminaire
  • 1 x M25 for mains input of IP66 external driver box
  • 2 x M12 for DALI control inn/out of IP66 external driver box
  • External zero candela louvre at 90º for asymmetrical A type optics (ZVP520 L-A90 and ZVP500 L-A90)
  • External spill-light control louvre for symmetrical S type optics (ZVP420 L and ZVP500 L)
  • Precision aiming device for luminaires with symmetrical S type optics (ZVP420 PAD A0)
  • Precision aiming device for luminaires with asymmetrical A type of optics (ZVP520 PAD A30)
  • External driver box (EVP521/511 in IP20 and EVP522/512 in IP66) to be ordered separately together with suitable floodlight (BVP520/510)
  • BVP500 type luminaires are equipped with integral drivers so no need to order an external driver box
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