Optivision – downlight performance

OptiVision MVP507

OptiVision MVP507

OptiVision MVP507

  • Optivision – downlight performance

    • Asymmetrical downlighting luminaire combines compact dimensions with high efficiency
    • Available with narrow, medium and wide beams for flexibility in use; sharp beam cut-off for excellent control of spill light and limitation of glare and upward light leakage


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Product family information

Optivision is an asymmetric downlighting luminaire that combines compact dimensions with very high efficiency. Available with narrow, medium and wide beams for flexibility in application, it provides excellent control of spill light and limitation of glare and upward leakage of light. Optivision can accommodate metal-halide lamps for good colour rendering or high-pressure sodium lamps for economical operation. Excellent spill-light control, limitation of glare and upward leakage of light is secured by asymmetric optics that achieve peak intensity at 60º and a sharp cut-off of light at 80º. The MHN-LA/FC lamps guarantee pleasant and natural colour rendering and comfortable atmosphere.


Compact dimensions
High efficiency
Can be used with metal-halide lamps or high-pressure sodium lamps
Choice of narrow, medium and wide beams


Sports facilities
Industrial areas
Car parks
Product family details
  • MVP507
Light source
  • HID:
  • 1 x MASTER MHN-FC / XW / 1000, 2000 W
  • 1 x MASTER MHN-LA / XWH / 1000, 2000 W
  • 1 x MASTER HPI-T Plus / E40 / 1000 W
  • 1 x MASTER SON-T PIA / E40 / 600 W
  • 1 x SON-T / E40 / 600, 1000 W
Lamp included
  • Yes (K or light color 643, 740, 842 or 956)
  • No
  • Narrow beam (NB)
  • Medium beam (MB)
  • Wide beam (WB)
  • Series (SI), integral
  • Semi-parallel (SP), external on a separate gear tray (ZVF320)
  • Parallel (PA), external on a separate gear tray (ZVF320)
Materials and finishing
  • Housing: non-corrosive, high-pressure die-cast aluminum
  • Glass: thermally hardened, 4 mm thick
  • Mounting bracket: hot-dipped galvanized steel
  • Clips and hinges: stainless steel
  • Reflector: high-reflectivity and high-purity anodized aluminum
  • Finishing in raw aluminum
  • On mast headframe, ceiling and wall mounting
  • Protractor scale integrated for aiming
  • Ambient temperature outdoor: 35ºC
  • Drag factor (Cx): 0.447
  • Projected area in horizontal position: 0.127 m 2
  • Max adjustment from the horizontal: -10 / +10º, downlighting only
  • Lamp access by opening the hinged front glass for in-position lamp replacement
  • Built-in safety switch to cut off current while opening the luminaire, only in MHN-LA lamp versions
  • No internal cleaning required
  • Simple aiming device (ZVP507 SAD)
  • Equipped with aluminum connection box with ignitor, installed on a separate gear tray (ZVF320)
  • Bracket can be inverted to allow mounting above or below a cross arm
  • Specially designed heat fins
  • Pre-wired external 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz or 380 - 415 V / 50 Hz gear trays are available, to be ordered separately
Main applications
  • Sports, car parks, industrial areas
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