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    A speedy upgrade for your tunnel lighting system

    Refurbish your tunnel with BaseLogic

    Make existing tunnels safer and more sustainable with BaseLogic, an LED tunnel lighting system that makes tunnel and underpass lighting upgrades simple.


    BaseLogic adjusts tunnel lighting dynamically in response to real-time light conditions to help drivers’ eyes acclimatize as they enter and exit the tunnel. Tunnel operators gain more control with basic failure monitoring, instant fault notification and SCADA integration enabling remote monitoring.


    BaseLogic is quick to install with a low capital investment. It can also help you lower operational costs by unlocking ongoing energy and maintenance savings.

    BaseLogic is quick to install with a low capital investment

    BaseLogic benefits at a glance

    Kvarnholms tunnel
    Save on energy

    Upgrade easily

    This flexible and modular tunnel lighting system suits most existing tunnels, requiring limited upfront investment.

    Save on energy

    Minimize tunnel closures

    Easy-to-install luminaires don’t require new cabling, speeding installation.

    Save on energy

    Reduce cost and emissions

    Long-lasting energy-efficient LEDs reduce maintenance and running costs.

    Save on energy

    Improve visibility and safety

    Smart tunnel lighting detects real-time lighting conditions and optimizes lighting dynamically.

    Save on energy

    Make tunnels safer

    Instant fault notification and manual override boost lighting to 100% in emergencies. 

    Save on energy

    Remote control

    Manage tunnel lighting remotely by integrating BaseLogic with a SCADA tunnel control system. 

    What’s possible with BaseLogic

    BaseLogic is a modular system that suits all tunnels and underpasses. From stand-alone short underpasses programmed on a day and night-time lighting schedules to multi-zone road tunnels with photometers that adjust the tunnel lighting to align with the brightness of the external environment. Installed easily using existing cables for dimming commands, the system adjusts automatically with pre-programmed system behavior to improve pedestrian or driver comfort and safety


    How it works


    BaseLogic from Philips Lighting  integrates with an existing SCADA management system to give you a smart tunnel lighting system ideal for control and monitoring of several tunnels or a multi-zone tunnel. Different tunnels and underpasses demand different tunnel lighting configurations. With BaseLogic you have a flexible tunnel lighting system that can be tailor-made to your specific project requirements. Choose the configuration to match your tunnel needs.

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