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    Superb sport lighting for every player and sport

    Create vibrant recreational sports facilities

    When it’s time to unwind, people gravitate to recreational sports facilities and indoor sports centers. PerfectPlay helps you meet demand for more playing time with efficient sport lighting for any activity.


    PerfectPlay provides industry-leading LED floodlights that comply with international sports federation guidelines. Intelligent controls let you manage lighting remotely and adjust settings instantly for different sports. Cloud-based reporting provides ways to reduce energy cost and light pollution, while automatic fault notification and upgrades let you focus on managing your facility, not your lighting.

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    PerfectPlay benefits at a glance

    PerfectPlay’s standard features provide superb sport lighting straight out of the box
    Save on energy

    Make every game enjoyable

    PerfectPlay sport lighting provides great visibility and minimal glare.

    Save on energy

    Boost revenue

    Create comfortable, attractive and safe recreational sports facilities that support multiple uses and attract new members.

    Save on energy

    Reduce operational expenses 

    Low-maintenance LED floodlights save energy and are easy to service.

    Save on energy

    Easy control 

    Light settings let you cater to any sport and ability level, as well as improve control of light spillage.

    Save on energy

    Improve sustainability

    Use energy usage insights from the cloud-hosted dashboard to improve efficiency and further reduce costs.

    Save on energy

    Future proof your facility

    Cloud updates and new software features keep your sports lighting system up to date at minimal cost

    What’s possible with PerfectPlay


    PerfectPlay is a flexible LED lighting system that can be controlled using a smart device via an intuitive user interface. Installed easily using existing cables, the system is a sustainable choice to suit your specific sports venues’ needs.

    How it works


    Because every venue is different, PerfectPlay offers multiple interfaces to suit your specific needs.

    The way you operate PerfectPlay will really depend on your sports facility. Philips Lighting offers three different versions of control devices; panel, tablet and smartphone. Each works with DALI driven Philips LED floodlights.

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