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    warehouse lighting

    A flexible and intelligent energy saving system

    A perfect package
    for warehouses


    High bay used to mean high cost – with lighting installation and maintenance proving expensive and disruptive, and lighting controls only adding complexity. Not any more.

    One simple solution

    Our GreenWarehouse system is one simple, bundled solution that contains three types of dimmable LED luminaires and wireless controls – easy to configure into zones and reconfigure at any time.

    The system offers a flexible, future proof solution and can help you to maximize your warehouse lighting efficiency.

    Designed around you

    Warehouses come in all shapes and sizes. Whatever your requirements, our smart Philips GreenWarehouse system can help light your space efficiently and effectively. Best of all it comes in one package designed to fit your space – and because it’s wireless it’s easy to install and commission and simple to reconfigure should your needs change.

    One smart bundle

    We have created one package consisting of three different types of luminaire – Philips GentleSpace for general open space lighting and Philips Maxos LED and Philips Pacific LED for racking, plus wireless controls. We can tailor a bundle to suit your warehouse, whatever its size, so the system is fully scalable.

    Simple and cost effective

    We’ve made it more cost effective to purchase a system than separate components. Everything you need is in one package that’s simple to order and install – the perfect recipe for a cost-effective retrofit or new high bay installation with a ceiling height of up to 12 meters.

    New builds or retrofits

    Our system is suitable for fast implementation and easy installation, whether you have a new development or need to refurbish an existing space with a more efficient point for point solution. You can install and commission the system yourself or we can do everything for you.

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