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    Enhancing emotion and energy 

    for fans

    ArenaExperience sports lighting

    The right lighting is vital for sports venues. From smaller professional sports stadiums to major multifunctional event arenas, ArenaExperience makes the difference between an average game and a truly exciting event.


    Clear visibility on the field helps players give a peak performance. Glare-free lighting help cameras capture the action, and enable spectators to see. Architectural lighting enhances the atmosphere and attracts visitors, helping to generate revenue. Intelligent control systems reduce operational costs.


    Simply put, the benefits of ArenaExperience turn your venue into a world-class entertainment centre. 


    I am delighted to be
    able to work

    with Philips on delivering the best possible environment for our supporters to enjoy Chelsea matches in. Once again, Chelsea Football Club is at the forefront of innovation and we look forward to many more memorable games at Stamford Bridge under this new floodlighting system.”


    - Ron Gourlay, CEO Chelsea FC


    On the pitch

    The games area is where the magic happens, but it takes a careful balance of lighting to make the event enjoyable for everyone. Too much light can disturb the players, and too little will make it hard for spectators to see.

    ArenaVision LED floodlighting lets you choose the right illumination levels for the occasion, pleasing fans both at home and in the venue. Flicker-free floodlights make it possible for cameras to capture the action for slow-motion replays. Light settings change instantly with the touch of a button, creating the right atmosphere for live music and other performances.


    Outdoor sports stadium illuminated with Philips sports lighting

    ArenaVision LED floodlights


    Get ready for an immersive sports experience. ArenaVision LED pitch lighting offers outstanding visual clarity, effective heat management, and a reassuringly long lifecycle.


    Designed exclusively for sports and multifunctional lighting applications, ArenaVision LED floodlights can be dimmed, re-configured, and switched on or off with the touch of a button. They integrate with audiovisual systems for advanced lighting effects, and their flicker-free performance allows for slow-motion replays of camera footage in HD quality.


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    Attractive exterior lighting at Friends Arena, Sweden with Philips architectural lighting

    In the arena


    Retail and hospitality lighting can create new opportunities in the Arena. Attract visitors towards retail stores, and direct their attention towards merchandise to accelerate sales. Bring pleasing illumination to hospitality suites, with light tailored to the sponsor’s colors. Create the right atmosphere for press conferences, meetings, and parties.


    Façade and architectural lighting can be connected with pitch lighting to enable orchestrated lighting effects. Exciting visuals encourage people to stay in the arena longer and tell friends about the experience.

    Around the arena


    State-of-art lighting lets you save money, improve safety, and create excitement even before guests enter the venue. Make them feel secure in parking areas, with bright energy-saving LED illumination. Guide them from the subway to the arena, with low-maintenance luminaires. Inspire them from afar, with LED façade lighting that turns your venue into a landmark.

    The Guangzhou Olympic stadium lit with Philips lighting products

    New lighting scores a victory KAA Gent’s Ghelamco Arena


    To help take KAA Gent to the top of their league, their 20,000 capacity stadium was adorned with cutting-edge LED facade lighting. On the outside of the building, half a million LEDs create amazing light effects, with ripples, cross-fades, sequences, strobes and explosions.



    ArenaVision LED

    World premiere 

    in Ekinox Arena for ArenaVision LED
    Chelsea F.C

    LED Pitch

    lighting for Chelsea F.C.

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