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    Stylish design and superior lighting can do as much to create memorable experiences as the things you sell, the food you serve, and the threadcount of your sheets.


    Connected lighting systems from Philips add a whole new level of responsiveness to your interior retail and hospitality spaces. Connected lighting combines sophisticated, intuitive lighting management software, digital controls, and best-in-class Philips luminaires to give you centralized control of every light point in your environment. With deeper insight into your customers’ activities and preferences, you can tailor lighting to create welcoming and memorable experiences while achieving the energy efficiency and sustainability goals that are the cornerstone of your brand.


    Petrol and convenience

    Petrol and convenience  

    The right light
    wherever people shop, eat, and relax

    Putting your best light forward


    With dynamic LED lighting and controls, you can find the perfect shade of light to grab attention, create appeal, and showcase merchandise. Use high-CRI, spectrally tunable light to adjust the atmosphere depending on the time of year or day, or to make the colors of specific items pop.

    the place to be

    Make your space the place to be


    Use dynamic lighting and sophisticated controls to create a unique in-store ambience, giving customers a reason to stay and to keep coming back. Turn your retail or hospitality space into a destination with transformative, full-color LED light shows—the perfect way to create buzz, and to put a brilliant shine on your brand.

    house of fraser fashion store

    Unparalleled control, consistent customer experience


    Our sophisticated controls and flexible, energy-efficient professional luminaires ensure a superior—and reliable—customer experience. With digital and multi-site control solutions, coupled with intelligent LED lighting fixtures, you can implement a design concept carefully and consistently, even across a chain of stores, restaurants, or hotels. Determine the optimal lighting for different displays or areas, then adapt and adjust the lighting template in each store or hospitality environment. Enhance the ambience of a hotel room or restaurant, highlight retail displays in the most visually engaging manner possible, and ensure that your space is shown to its best advantage, all while maximizing energy savings through occupancy controls and dimming schedules.

    Give your customers what they need, 
    wherever they are  

    Online guidance, in-store sales  


    Customers often make purchase decisions spontaneously in the store. Nowadays, shoppers use their smartphones to access all kinds of information as they browse the shelves. If they find a better deal, they may spend their money with another retailer, either online or elsewhere.


    Connected lighting systems from Philips give you a way to offer your customers an enhanced shopping experience right there in the aisles, converting online experiences into in-store sales.


    With integrated sensors and wireless communications, Philips connected lighting systems create an indoor positioning system that can pinpoint shoppers in store, letting you send targeted information directly to them via specially designed mobile shopping apps. You can send customers better product information or offer them special discounts—whatever you need to close

    the sale.

    Connected lighting video

    A beautiful thing happened on the way to the avocados . . .


    Where are the avocados? Don’t worry, the Philips connected lighting system will tell you!


    In a connected lighting system, the store’s lighting offers world-class professional illumination while doubling as a precise indoor positioning platform. With specially designed mobile shopping apps, shoppers can navigate to items on their shopping list, discover new products, and even receive coupons based on their location in the store.


    Now you can deliver relevant information and offers to shoppers at the precise point of sale, when they need it most and are most receptive. Enhancing the shopping experience by creating intimate and dynamic connections with your customers is a win-win: more convenience for them, more sales for you.

    Close up of a woman in a supermarket

    Your customers: up close and personal


    Because lighting is installed everywhere people browse and shop, it’s the perfect platform for indoor positioning. Indoor positioning acts like an indoor GPS. With specially designed opt-in mobile apps, you can not only give customers information and discounts based on what aisle they’re in or what display they’re standing in front of, you can also keep track of their habits and preferences in-store, just as you keep track of their browsing and purchasing behavior online.


    Deeper visibility into customers’ behavior gives you deeper customer insight, allowing you to continually improve the customer experience in your shop, enhancing customer intimacy and encouraging customer loyalty. With a retail environment that’s both beautifully illuminated and adaptive to each of your customer’s specific desires and preferences, you can almost guarantee that customers will return to your store . . . and will tell their friends about it too.

    Choosing the system that’s right for you

    No one-size-fits all offerings

    Specifying Philips lighting systems begins with you—your business, your organization, your goals.


    Philips systems experts work with you to identify the specific system capabilities that you need, then help you design a system that serves those needs—now and in the future, as your business evolves and changes.


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