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    stores into stories


    flexible lighting for retail environments

    AmbiScene is opening new doors for retailers. Its flexible illumination gives you countless new ways to attract customers and inspire them to return. Tailored lighting effects can reflect your brand and help visitors find their way around. And at the touch of a button, AmbiScene lighting can change to fit new collections and themes.
    Creating an attractive retail environment with Philips AmbiScene lighting

    Enhancing the customer experience


    AmbiScene lighting can enhance every step of the customer’s journey. Grab their attention with fascinating facades. Welcome them with an inviting ambience. Guide them towards merchandise with accent effects. Make them look great in the fitting room, and leave them with fond memories at the checkout counter.


    Shop window at Markenstore, Germany illuminated  with Philips AmbiScene


    Applying AmbiScene

    Creating an AmbiScene solution takes teamwork. The process may involve marketing experts, retail consultants, architects, lighting designers, technicians, shop staff and Philips professionals. It starts with a concept that reflects your brand strategy. This idea is then translated into a creative design by a lighting consultant.

    Your AmbiScene design is then brought to life using cutting-edge lamps, luminaires and controls. With Philips lighting technology, almost any idea imaginable can be made a reality. And thanks to our intuitive interfaces, you can easily adapt and adjust the store ambience for different occasions

    Philips AmbiScene lighting creates a unique customer experience at Shoebaloo shoe shop at Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    Inspired by AmbiScene


    AmbiScene isn’t a lighting product. It’s a series of flexible, dynamic lighting systems that assist your retail strategy in creative, exciting ways. Because AmbiScene lights can be integrated with other technologies, they can be used to create interactive installations that customers love.


    Fashion store illuminated with Philips AmbiScene lighting

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