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GreenWarehouse – wireless lighting system, giving you control of energy savings

GentleSpace GreenWarehouse

GentleSpace GreenWarehouse

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      This dedicated system makes it easy for warehouse developers and facility managers to achieve maximum energy savings. It seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art LED lighting with an easy-to-use and reliable networked control solution. When the situation on the work floor changes, settings such as dimming levels and timing can be changed wirelessly by the end-users themselves. Luminaires can be combined in groups across the layout, and re-zoning them does not require a hardware change, thus minimizing commissioning costs. The system delivers savings over and above the actual efficiency of the LEDs and is future-proof.Easy to understand, easy to design-in, and easy to use, the GreenWarehouse is simplicity itself.


      Optimal operating costs for a low investment
      One system; works across other Philips product platforms – GentleSpace gen2, Maxos LED and Pacific LED
      Future-proof system: wireless adjustment of lighting settings and fast re-zoning if use of space changes


      Different lighting levels and timings can be set per sensor, group and network of luminaires
      No compromise on operators’ safety, well-being and productivity
      Wireless re-zoning by the end-user
      Advanced sensor technology for effective presence detection, even from a great height
      The system is suitable for both new builds and retrofit installations
      Dedicated warehouse kits; via bundled orders


      Distribution centers
      Cross-docking facilities
      Product family details
      • BY470X (13,000 lm version)
      • BY471X (17,000 and 25,000 lm versions)
      Light source
      • Philips Fortimo LED Line 1R
      • BY470X: 108 W
      • BY471X: 136 and 205 W
      Luminous flux
      • BY470X: 13,000 lm
      • BY471X: 17,000 and 25,000 lm
      Correlated Color Temperature
      • 4000 K
      Color Rendering Index
      • > 80
      Median useful life L70B50
      • 70,000 hours
      Median useful life L80B50
      • 50,000 hours
      Median useful life L90B50
      • 25,000 hours
      Driver failure rate
      • 0.5% per 5000 hours
      Average ambient temperature
      • +25 ºC
      Operating temperature range
      • -20 to +45 ºC
      • Built-in
      Mains voltage
      • 230 or 240 V / 50-60 Hz
      • Dimmable (PSD)
      Controls system input
      • DALI
      • Housing: die-cast aluminum
      • Optic:PMMA
      • Cover: glass, tempered
      • Silver grey (SI), white (WH)
      • Other RAL colors available on request
      • Narrow beam (NB)
      • Medium beam (MB)
      • Wide beam (WB)
      • High-rack (HRO)
      Optical cover
      • Glass cover (tempered, clear); optional PC or PMMA cover
      • Y-grippel
      • Mounting bracket (optional)
      • Mounting brackets (BY470Z, BY471Z)
      • Product can only be ordered as a system
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