Stagnate or innovate?

Lighting the way to a brighter workplace

People. Your business depends on them. Your lighting can inspire them to do more and feel better at work.

Connected lighting means that LED lights with integrated sensors are connected to application software, opening up a whole new world of opportunities. It already made its mark in larger corporations, but now it’s also available for small and medium-sized businesses with up to 200 light points.

The new Interact Pro system is the cost-efficient and wireless solution for every step of your SME customer’s smart lighting journey. It includes three tiers that each provide the best solution for your customer’s current need – and is also fully scalable so it can simply be upgraded when business requirements change, from smart lighting to super-smart lighting.

Philips 2018 Interact Installer Enduser Office

Connected lighting starts with Interact Pro

The Interact Pro system is easy to install with no need for separate antennas, radio boxes or signal cables. Enjoy speedy set up with the intuitive Interact Pro app and seize the chance to become your client's trusted advisor through efficient post-installation service made possible by invaluable data from the Interact Pro dashboard.

Whatever you need: it's Interact Ready

Wire mess or wireless?

On your mark, set, installed. It’s that easy with our connected.

Super slow or superstar?

Direct and hassle-free replacement of conventional lighting – without compatibility issues.

Nowhere or everywhere?

We offer Interact Ready lamps and luminaires for different applications. Wherever you work, it works.

Left behind or future in mind?

All Interact Ready luminaires work seamlessly with the Interact Pro dashboard and app.

Be a lighting expert

The Signify Lighting Academy is a learning platform that offers you all relevant educational resources, mainly coming with assessment tests (certificate handouts). Check out our latest trainings that help you become a certified installer in smart lighting.

Commercial training

This pathway focuses on features and benefits of the stand-alone and gateway connected versions. If you want to step into Internet of Things (IOT) aspect, reach out to your Signify sales representative to access the focused training of this version.

Technical training

In this training, you will learn in detail how to get started with the app and how to commission different features of Foundation and Advanced levels.

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Real professionals boost their business with Philips connected lighting that works with the Interact Pro dashboard and app