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Lighting a castle: 

enhancing a monument

Castle of Good Hope,
South Africa

Philips lighting came to the rescue of South Africa’s oldest surviving colonial building, the Castle of Good Hope, which desperately needed an aesthetic and energy saving lighting upgrade. The LED lighting brings the Castle to life at night and will draw many tourists to this spectacular monument.
A rainbow of colours light up the walls.

Cape Town's
Castle of Good Hope

will now light up the night using colour changing lighting and draw tourism to this historical building.”


-Ross Blakeway, SSLi

A rainbow of colours light up the walls.

Customer challenge

Built in the 17th century, the Castle’s patina required the lighting to be installed without damaging the building’s exterior walls. The challenge was to mount and position the lighting to create an optimum effect. Achieving light shows on the Castle’s complicated pentagon shape with 5 bastions presented a further challenge.
Castle of Good Hope lit in blue.

The right lighting 

In partnership with Solid State Lighting International, Philips designed, supplied and installed a bespoke LED lighting solution. The reliable, controllable and energy saving VAYA flood products from Philips Color Kinetics were used to provide the most cost effective colour-changing lighting solution to the Castle.


With a total of 78 LED fixtures plus data and power cables, Phase 1 of the two-phase project was completed in August 2014. The first phase included the installation of VAYA Flood MP RGB medium beam (1800 Lumen) on the Castle’s main wall and VAYA Flood LP RGB narrow beam (1000 Lumen) grazing almost 65m of the Darling Street wall, the Buuren, Leeudam and Orange bastions to create vertical patterns.


The entire lighting installation is controlled by one iPlayer 3. A variety of lighting shows loaded onto the iPlayer 3 drape this iconic landmark in the glorious eye-catching colours to highlight important events such as Cancer awareness month and AIDS month.

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Lighting a castle:
Enhancing a monument

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