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Metropolitan building Durbanville

Metropolitan, a leading insurance and investment company, wanted to light their front façade of their building using colours that would project their brand identity. They chose a dynamic colour-changing LED solution to replace the current five Mercury Vapour 400w mono white flood lights installed.
Philips Color Kinetics Vaya MP LED lights projecting blue light on the Metropolitan building in Durbanville Cape Town

wanted to enhance

the lighting aesthetic and appeal of the architectural lighting of its Durbanville campus. By doing so, the company aimed to ensure the desired impact on its customer facilities in order to improve the customer experience at that particular touchpoint"


-Ross Blakeway, CEO of Solid State Lighting International

Front lit entrance to the Metropolitan building in Durbanville Cape Town
The doors to the Metropolitan building lit in blue corporate colours.

Customer challenge


At the front façade, Metropolitan had five Mercury Vapour 400w mono white flood lights installed, which consumed a 2Kw of electricity per hour. Metropolitan wanted that façade to be washed in a Blue light instead of mono white to reflect its corporate branding strategy and increase the visual impact, while at the same time deliver energy savings through the replacement LED solution installed. 


Philips Color Kinetics Vaya MP LED lights shine on the Metropolitan façade.

The right lighting 


Solid State Lighting International (SSLI) worked very closely with Metropolitan to understand its requirements, which included aligning with the company brand colours and using an energy efficient-low maintenance solution.

Seven VAYA LED floods with various beam angles were used to ensure proper coverage of the front façade of the Durbanville head office. This helped “bathe” the building in a blue wash of light in the desired manner. 

Each LED flood light consumes 68w for a total power consumption of 476w compared to the 2000w that the MV flood lights consumed per hour bringing about a 75% reduction in energy usage. The VAYA LED flood lights are also low maintenance fittings with a life expectancy of more than 50 000 hours.

VAYA Flood lighting fixture


Vaya Flood provides exceptional flexibility to create eye-catching, dynamic and colourful lighting effects.

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Metropolitan  façade

The Team

Ross Blakeway CEO of SSLi

Ross Blakeway

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