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SuperTrash, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Find out how retail lighting solutions are bringing style to SuperTrash stores.
A SuperTrash customer checks her reflection in Philips' AmbiScene Mirror, on the "Day" light setting

Just like us,
Philips wants

to supply quality. They haven’t just demonstrated this with their lighting concept, but also through their approach and innovative solutions."


- Ingmar Brenninkmeijer, Head of Retail, SuperTrash

Philips lighting illuminates the coffee bar at the SuperTrash store in Amsterdam
Merchandise hangs on racks at SuperTrash, illuminated by Philips retail lighting

Customer challenge

SuperTrash is a world famous fashion brand. It has its own stores in 32 countries, and 2,000 shops carrying its brand. For its new flagship store in Amsterdam, it wanted to combine the feeling of a clothing boutique with the service of a hotel. Could light create the right effect?
A woman shops at SuperTrash, a store with Philips retail lighting systems and innovative fitting room ligthing

The right lighting


Luxury garments like those in SuperTrash need the right light. Not just to show off the quality of the clothes, but also so that customers can see what they look like outside the store.


Philips fashion lighting was the perfect fit. EcoStyle LED spotlights were installed to create atmosphere in the store and illuminate the clothing. The brilliant light spectrum means that the colors of clothing appear exactly as they’re supposed to. Customers no longer have to go outside to see how clothes will really look. Integrade LED was installed to bring clear, attractive visibility to shelf displays. This ‘invisible’ LED lighting is suitable for almost any shelf or display.


The pinnacle of the new lighting setup is the fitting room lighting. The Ambiscene mirror can switch between ‘evening’, ‘office’ and ‘daylight’ settings at the touch of a button. This gives customers a chance to see how clothes look in different contexts.


At SuperTrash’s request, we customized the Ambiscene mirror with nightclub-style music that plays when the customer selects ‘evening’ light. Lighting and sound now combine to create the perfect mood.

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