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Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Find out how Carrefour group bought natural illumination to a windowless Hypermarket, using smart supermarket lighting.
Carrefour Santiago supermarket illuminated with a combination of LED technology and clever lighting controls

If the lighting
is set to 100%,

the result is very similar to natural light.”
Correct fashion lighting at Carrefour Santiago attracts customers
Shoppers use the visual appearance of meat and fish to decide its freshness at Carrefour Santiago

Customer challenge


Carrefour, the largest retailer in Europe, was opening a new hypermarket in North West Spain. With no points of entry for daylight in the building, the company needed a way to create a natural shopping environment. Could Philips help Carrefour to attain the right levels of light and reach its sustainability goals?

The right lighting 

With over 9,500 stores over 32 countries, Carrefour knows a thing or two about shopping. The company, founded in 1959, has built itself up to become the largest retailer in Europe and the second biggest in the world. When it opened a new hypermarket in Santiago de Compostela, illumination posed a significant challenge as the premises had no entry points for daylight. In line with the group’s sustainability efforts, a bright yet energy-efficient lighting solution was needed.


LED was the answer. For general illumination, Maxos LED was used to bring natural-looking light to the aisles. The crisp, white brilliance creates a refreshing atmosphere for customers without any uncomfortable glare. Ecostyle LED was used for accent lighting, bringing out the quality in merchandise with excellent color rendering. These two fixtures represent energy savings of 55% and 50% respectively – no small chunk of change for a large store.


In the coolers and freezers, Master LED SA tubes were installed to give produce an enticing white glow, and delivering a 60% energy saving. Their virtually heat-free operation means that cooling units can be kept at the required temperature without using extra power, leading to further cost reductions. Control of all the lighting systems is achieved through with Philips Dynalite in combination with the DyNet network. This control system enables the use of pre-programmed light settings, for set-and-forget convenience.


The new 100% LED lighting system saves over 60% of the energy used for lighting compared with Carrefour’s standard lighting systems. This is expected to reduce C02 emissions by an impressive 96 tons per year.

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    Maxos LED
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The Team

Carrefour S.A. - Carrefour Santiago Hypermarket


José Francisco Moyá

Technical Director

Juan Carlos Monteagudo

Philips Consultant

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