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Cairo, Egypt

Philips Lighting systems enable fashion and retail stores to present their products at their best. Choosing whether classic, urban or fresh ambience, Philips Lighting compliment to reflect the desired atmosphere.
Sedar shop main entrance
Sedar shop 2nd floor hall

Our main

was to maintain sufficient light level and high uniformity on floor and horizontal surfaces using the same type of down light fittings but with different power.  

Ahmed Alaa, End User Sales Manager, Africa

Costumer challenge


With Philips latest LED technology, our team managed to provide extraordinary shopping experience, reflecting the fabric quality and exclusiveness of some inspiring illumination where required. Our Team used powerful and high color rendering downlights to create a sufficient and uniform light level on the entrance area, while accent lights were used to adjust and throw a punch of light on fabrics presenting them at their best.

Sedar shop 2nd floor customer zone

The right lighting


On the second floor Coreline Recessed Luminaires were used at the false celling illuminating the space on desk surfaces and creating the neutral color needed for office spaces. The LuxSpace Accent used has high efficacy and color rendering of 90, presenting goods at their best and so attracting customer’s eye on fabrics. Also, the used light color temperature is warm (technically 3000k) which reflect Sedar genuine and classic identity.


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