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Tunnel lighting controls

Historically, traditional lighting control system designs have been the responsibility of the maintenance contractor. Through our extensive experience and integrated product solution design, including intelligent lighting controls, we have reduced the burden on the installer to minimize complicated electrical designs and significantly reduce labor, traffic management and capital expenditure.
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End-to-end solution  


Whatever your project – new build, refurbishment, retrofit of a short underpass, or a tunnel of many kilometers – Philips offers an end-to-end lighting control system.

Our unrivalled pedigree, expertise and control system flexibility benefit the whole project lifecycle. We can supply everything, from design and supply to installation, commissioning and training through to lifecycle maintenance services.



  • Single supplier
  • Reduced costs
  • Streamlined process
Tunnel illuminated by Philips lighting for tunnels



With minimal system components and plug-and-play methodology, on-site installation is quick and simple. The user friendly interface for the lighting control computer allows operators and maintainers easy navigation menus for monitoring lighting system status as well as providing operational control either locally or via a SCADA network. Historical system data is easily accessible.

High performance and system longevity is crucial to ensure your tunnel network is operational and traffic is kept moving freely.



  • Quick and simple installation
  • Cost saving
  • High performance
  • System longevity
Meir tunnel illuminated with Philips lighting for tunnels

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TunneLogic is our dedicated tunnel control and monitoring system designed specifically for LED technology. Our control system, which is easy to install, commission, operate and maintain provides the customer with safe lighting control and health information relating to the lighting system.


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Tunnel lighting is a highly technical and complex application. Not many companies possess the necessary in-house capabilities. Philips therefore offers a complete end-to-end services package to help and relieve you in delivering the project in its entirety and protecting your investment.

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