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Tunnel lighting luminaires

Each zone within a tunnel has its own requirements in terms of lighting design and performance. For example, tunnel entrances require high levels of light with little or no luminaire spacing.


In contrast, the lighting in the tunnel interior should be a low level with or without luminaire spacing. With our extensive portfolio of LED luminaires we can create any lighting concept to provide exactly the right balance between visibility, safety and economy.

Icon for tunnel’s luminaires

Dedicated LED design  


With our uncompromised focus on LED luminaire design, our products deliver the best performance in every tunnel application. We have dedicated products for each lighting concept and configuration, and a wide range of high quality optics to ensure that your project is lit with optimum efficiency.



  • High performance
  • Outstanding efficiency
Tunnel’s light reflection in a car

Maintenance concepts


By their very nature, tunnels have limited possibilities for closure without causing major disruption. Our easy installation and maintenance concepts maximize the serviceability of your lighting scheme and minimize maintenance time. They are designed for best-in-class longevity too.



  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Maximum serviceability
  • Long lifetime
Workers inside a tunnel maintaining the lighting

Light your way


Our luminaires light your tunnel to the highest standards of comfort and safety. Our range includes a comprehensive range of optics to support different mounting arrangements from central to cornice layouts. Digital control and monitoring supports the unique dimming features of LED luminaires.



  • Outstanding comfort
  • Unsurpassed safety


High-bay luminaires at Meir Tunnel

System approach


We design all our LED luminaires with the entire system in mind. So each luminaire has a similar lifetime expectancy wherever it is used. This minimizes the inconvenience of replacements and streamlines routine maintenance to make life easier for everyone.



  • Consistent lifetime
  • Easier maintenance


The entrance of Lundbytunnel

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Comfortable LED linear lighting concept, alternative for fluorescent interior lighting


How can we help you with our services?

Tunnel lighting is a highly technical and complex application. Not many companies possess the necessary in-house capabilities. Philips therefore offers a complete end-to-end services package to help and relieve you in delivering the project in its entirety and protecting your investment.

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