Show your true colors with CRI 90 office lighting

Show your true colors: Improving the quality of work life with light

With office lighting design high on many organizations’ agenda, the CRI 90 luminaires support designing for health and well-being. Today’s office lighting goes beyond illumination with solutions that support healthier workplaces. With the introduction of our CRI 90, also the R9 increases to ≥ 50 which meets the color quality requirements from WELL Building Standards v1 feature 58. Plus, the transition from CRI 80 to CRI 90 does not entail any significant loss of energy efficiency (lumen/Watt) and no reduction of lumen output.

CRI 90 for offices

The new CRI 90 portfolio also meets the additional requirement on red rendering: additionally R9 ≥ 50. It is fully compatible with efficient lighting automation with daylight and occupancy sensors (why put the light on when there’s no one there?). CRI 90 takes lighting-led well-being to the next level.

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