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    Engaging citizens and tourists with 

    unique visual experiences

    Stanley Bridge,
    Alexandria, Egypt

    Stanley Bridge is the first bridge in Egypt to be constructed over the sea, allowing natives and visitors to experience the architectural style of the cosmopolitan Egyptian city.
    Using Philips Uni products, we were able to transform the bridge's traditional lighting design.

    Customer challenge 


    This project presented many challenges, the old conventional lighting was not reflecting the historical architecture of the bridge, and logistically by requesting to finish the project in a very tight time .

    The historical architecture of the bridge

    The Bridge between stunning and sustainable 


    Using Philips Uni products, we were able to transform the bridge's traditional lighting design into a memorable night-time viewing experience, while delivering the light levels required to keep public walkways inviting and entertaining. And also using energy-saving LED lighting solutions to illuminate their iconic city landmark and structures.

    • UniStrip G4
      UniStrip G4
      UniStrip G4 is a surface mounted, exterior-rated LED luminaire that is designed for façade and outdoor architectural lighting applications.One family that fits all your ...

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