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    LED lighting:
    Enhancing your retail shopping

    Guess Kids Store,  South Africa


    Busby approached SSLI (Pty) Ltd to assist with providing, guidance on an energy efficient LED lighting solution that would complement the Guess brand, store location and customer profile while maintaining the quality and efficacy of lighting standards set by the Brand internationally.

    StyliD LED projector lighting enhancing the clothing on display

    It’s an energy

    LED solution that fits the brand aesthetically, looks modern, is low in maintenance, and reduces the in store heat load, while complementing the strict international lighting and store design levels required by the Retail brand.”


    - Ross Blakeway, SSLI

    Counter view of Guess Kids Store LED projector lighting

    Customer challenge


    Traditionally Guess stores were designed with 70w and 35w Metal Halide lamps, providing high illumination levels and having a high Colour Rendering Index with emphasis on illuminating the products on display. Tenants are required to reduce their energy usage due to stringent changes to Landlords store design requirements, aimed at energy efficiencies for new and retrofit stores.

    Philips LED Projector Lighting illuminating merchandise on shelves

    The right lighting


    The SSLI design team used Dialux to model the Philips LED StyliD lamps using various combinations of beam angle, CCT and efficacy levels. The Philips StyliD is a breakthrough LED concept combining design, the latest and most innovative LED technology and optical systems, and reliant heat management. StyliD offers substantial energy saving compared to halogen, light quality, complete stylistic freedom, and significant maintenance savings. A mix of narrow and wide beam angles of the Philips StyliD Compact Track, as well as using a mix of 3000k and 4000k CCT ensured SSLI achieved the highest CRI possible as required. Using the StyliD Compact Track Light provided a solution that fell within the landlords shop fit out specifications that significantly lowered the energy consumption.


    StyliD LED Projector


    Delivering high-quality light, StyliD is the ideal energy-efficient solution for fashion stores and supermarkets.

    StyliD LED Projector

    LED lighting:
    your shopping

    The Team

    Ross Blakeway CEO of SSLi

    Ross Blakeway
    CEO - SSLI

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