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    Table Bay Hotel,
    Cape Town

    The Table Bay offers the ultimate in 5-star luxury hotel accommodation in Cape Town and was opened in May 1997 by former South African president, Nelson Mandela. The general lighting traditionally consisted of Incandescent candle lamps, as well as Halogen MR16 and AR111 down lights.
    Conventional candle lamps, halogen spots, and downlights were replaced with efficient LED lighting solutions at Table Bay Hotel.

    The Table Bay Hotel

    Solid State International Lighting to provide an energy efficient lighting solution that would save energy, yet not compromise on the lighting ambiance. They required low maintenance lighting with a long lifetime that would still match or exceed existing lighting levels."

    -Ross Blakeway, CEO of Solid State Lighting International



    The dining area of Table Bay Hotel lit by Philips LED lamps that create the right atmosphere for guests to enjoy their meal.
    A chandelier with newly retrofitted Philips LED candles that ensure a long lifetime of 35 000 hours and remove the challenge of maintenance.

    Customer challenge


    The Table Bay Hotel was incurring a high cost on energy as its lighting runs 24 hours a day all year round. Furthermore this created a challenge of replacing spent lamps and carrying out maintenance while guests were sleeping. Dark spots in a chandelier are unsightly and require regular attention. They also required a lighting solution that would work with their legacy dimmers and controls.

    Wall mounted fixtures with retrofitted LED candles that provide the right lighting ambience and colour temperature for a warm and welcoming environment.

    The right lighting


    In hotels and hospitality in general the atmosphere is very important. Solid State Lighting International (SSLI) were instructed to maintain the comfortable, elegant environment required for the hotels guests with the focus on gentle lighting. 


    The lighting traditionally consisted of Incandescent candle lamps in chandeliers and wall sconces, as well as Halogen MR16 and AR111 down lights in various public spaces with high vaulted ceilings (over 7m), which are hard to access and have a very high maintenance cost due to the access restrictions.


    SSLI used Philips LED lamps and had a retrofit solution for each lighting need. The LED lighting solutions brought all the benefits of long lifetime (35 000 hours), dimming compatibility, improved lighting levels, and energy savings greater than 70%.

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    Lighting Table Bay Hotel 
    in Cape Town

    The Team

    Ross Blakeway CEO of SSLi

    Ross Blakeway

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