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    Need a lighting upgrade, but don’t have enough funds available for the investment? Philips Lighting can help. By using your projected energy savings to calculate a repayment scheme, we can offer you a business-enhancing lighting solution with little to no upfront payment required.

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    Protecting your cash flow


    Adopting the latest lighting technology doesn’t have to be a drain on your finances. Whether you want to improve, enlarge, or renovate your system, we can help you fund it with a specially constructed financing program.


    Programs are individually tailored to your business, and take into account your projected energy cost savings, as well as any available subsidies. By spreading the monthly repayment costs out over time, we can help you to keep your cash flow positive. It’s a proposal that banks and finance teams are very comfortable with.

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    Saving you time and money


    Our energy-efficient lighting and financing programs are designed so that you can benefit immediately from the installation. With a carefully constructed program, you’ll have money from the energy savings left over, even after your monthly repayments.


    There’s no need to invest valuable time and effort in sorting out financing, either. We do it for you, together with our dedicated and respected banking partners, De Lage Landen and Société Générale.

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