Safer visits to Moza's coffee café's through disinfection lighting

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Moza's coffee chains


Moza's coffee chains have chosen a safe and proven solution with Philips UV-C disinfection lighting, to keep their customers and employees safe during the COVID period.

Every time a customer visits my café chain, the staff and I also introduce the disinfection system that the shop has invested in to increase trust and satisfaction from them.
Nguyen Nhat Bang, founder and owner of the Moza’s Coffee chain
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The challenge

The COVID-19 epidemic was rampaging, and the number of customers coming to the café decreased. Moreover, employees were afraid to go to work because they were at risk of infection on the work floor. Since cafés usually have many people staying and buying things at once, it is easy to get infected via droplets or insufficient air quality in closed and airconditioned spaces.

The right lighting

In an enclosed space, air should be disinfected for enhanced safety of employees and customers. To facilitate this, the café chain installed Philips UV-C disinfection upper air ceiling mounted devices throughout their cafes, which operate quietly and effectively and allow business as normal for the café owner and visitors.  The café managers actively promote the technology to their customers, to reassure them they are protected during their visits.

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